Classical Piano

Teaching good classical piano technique

Classical music is the best way to develop good technique. From improving your coordination and sense of rhythm at Grade 1 piano to testing yourself on the double octave leaps and eight note chords of Grade 8 classical piano or diplomas. Composers such as Liszt, Chopin and Beethoven wrote pieces to test their own technique and to show off just how good they were!

I use the Me and My Piano series for beginners which helps with early hand position, posture and finger technique and then work through the ABRSM piano exams from grade one to diploma. Alongside this I use the Dozen a Day books initially and then move onto the Hanon teaching book for more advanced students at Grade 5.

I have developed different methods for different students. Some prefer to watch, some listen and some read depending on age and learning style. I use competitive games for children to help them learn the notes on the stave, these are best used when practised at home with a parent.

Classical Piano

The theory exams can be taken from Grades 1 to 8, or for those who wish to do the minimum only then just Grade 5 needs to be passed in order to continue with the practical Grades 6 – 8. The ABRSM exams at grade 6 and above count towards ucas points. I am happy to teach theory in specific lessons or to use the last 10 minutes for a few months in order to pass only Grade 5.

ABRSM Examination Board

The ABRSM require candidates to enter the exam approximately eight weeks prior to the date of the exam. I use the lessons just before the entry date as practice runs in order to give you an honest opinion on whether or not you will pass. Once the decision has been made to do the exam the intense eight week period is used to fine tune any remaining problems with pieces, scales, aural tests or sight reading before the big day. These lessons are rigorous so that students are well prepared and feel confident when it comes to the actual exam.

I teach from a dedicated room at our home near Luddenden / Wainstalls. I have a Knight upright piano and a Casio Privia electric piano for those who prefer it. Prices start from £14 per half hour with your first lesson free. 

I have studied piano since childhood, mostly classical but a few lessons in blues and jazz from my music teacher at school. After passing grade 8 I went to Leeds University where I graduated with a BAhons in Classical Music Studies. Since university I have continued to have lessons and achieved the DipABRSM and LRSM diplomas in Classical Piano. You can find out more about my skills and experience in the “Piano Lessons” section. 

For pleasure I play jazz, blues and pop music. Before lessons I learnt to play by ear with help from my dad. This helps when understanding students who have also learnt to play without structured lessons or those who do not wish to learn to read at all.